Canada PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

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PNP – Provincial Nominee Program: This is a state sponsored program. Applications will be accepted as per the announced occupation in demand from that particular province.

Applicant is eligible even if he is not in the Express entry pool. The requirement of the PNP are as per the province set rules and regulations. The language can be as low as 4 CLB in English proficiency which will give opportunity to an applicant who could not obtain the required level of language score to be eligible for Express entry pool.

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Canada PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

Every province will have their own requirements and rules on language and fiancé requirements. They announce the opening for applications as per the occupation in demand from their province and selected applicants will be given invite to apply for permanent visa after the completion of medicals and police clearance. Applicant is required to work in the province for at least 2 years before he plans to go to any other state. Applicant can travel along with his family and apply for citizenship after working and living in Canada for 3 years. Families can enjoy all the benefits given by the government in the Permanent Residence status also.

Career overseas guide assist and help the applicants to lodge the applications and take it forward in completion of the same. With professional guidance on paper work and other important details.

Please Note: Career Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is firmly not a placement agency or recruitment agency and we do not provide any guarantee of employment in any manner at domestic and international level.

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