Denmark Greencard Scheme

Danish Green Card:

Denmark offers or has designed a number of schemes to ensure they make it easier for people or professionals who are highly qualified, from all over the world to get a residence or work permit. The schemes that the Danish Immigration have come up with are varied but the most popular among all of them is the Danish Greencard Scheme. The Danish Greencard Scheme is specifically designed for highly skilled foreign nationals who want to settle in Denmark permanently.

The Danish Greencard is designed to help immigrants work in Denmark and is specifically designed to help highly skilled people from all over the world settle in Denmark. The foreigner is given 6 months to get and settle in a job before the Greencard is issued. A Residence Permit under the Greencard scheme is issued based on a point system which evaluates the skilled workers under different parameters and the likelihood that they find work matching their skills in Denmark.

For an applicant to be granted a Permanent Resident under the Greencard Scheme, the applicant needs to attain a minimum of 100 points which is based on certain criteria set out based on the education level, work experience, language skills and adaptability.

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