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Germany Job Seeker Visa :

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a popular visa among people who do not want to immigrate permanently to a Country but are looking for a job and settle there temporarily. Most of the Countries only have an option of issuing visas only if the applicant has a job offer. However, Germany gives an option of entering the Country to search for a job by way of Germany Job Seeker Visa.

This visa type is temporary visa category issued for 6 months .In the given period the applicant has the option to search for jobs in Germany and once they have the offer in hand, they can convert the same to work permit for three years. On this visa they can also visit the nearby Schengen countries.

Only candidates with education in the stream of STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and having an experience in the same stream are eligible for this visa type. One of the crucial documents for this application is the motivational letter, this is kind of statement of purpose and needs to written very carefully.

There is huge demand for IT and non IT professionals in Germany, specifically for Engineers and GJSV is the most feasible option for all the non-nationals to enter into Germany, search for a job and work in Germany

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