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Germany Job Seeker Visa: This visa has become popular with the skilled professionals who are exploring overseas jobs. German Job Seeker visa will allow the applicant to travel to Germany and search for work. The validity of the visa is for 180 days and within this period applicant should be able to get a job. In case he fails to find a job within the 180 days period applicant must return back to the country of Origin. Applicant should be a university graduate from any one of the STEM stream which are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Applicant must have at least 3 years relevant experience to be eligible for this visa. Applicant should be able to show why he selected Germany and what motivated him to choose this country. Need to prove that he can afford to search for job without depending on Government during his stay, to prove this he need to submit Accommodation and financial proof for the period of his stay which is 180 days. This visa will be converted into work permit once the applicant gets a job offer. Though German language is not mandatory it is advised for better job opportunities.

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