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Who are we?

We'd like to consider our self as the world's largest immigration and Visa Company, which has helped countless individuals settle abroad.

visa immigration company

What do we stand for?

We assist aspirants become Global citizens through extensive overseas migration and career programs.

visa immigration company

What do we do?

We offer services that help individuals study, work, travel, invest, and permanently relocate overseas… in any nation of the world that they are qualified for. Remember…all we do is GUIDE.

Why Career Overseas is the best for you!

As the world's top overseas career consultant, we provide opportunities to people that enable them to live up to their full potential in a dynamic, global environment. Established in 1998, we are a strong team of over a 1000 folks present in 15+ offices across USA, UK, Latvia, Germany, Austria, India, UAE, UK & Australia. If you are looking for a career abroad that offers you a sense of satisfaction and achievement…start by viewing our current vacancies.


Perks! (You don't want to miss this!)

Every professional dreams of finding a company or a job where he/she gets to do meaningful work, along with maintaining a strong work life balance, receive a competitive income and get rewarded for efforts made!

Career Overseas provides the best combination of education, occupation and progression… in a location that supports independence and initiative. Our employee centric benefits are a class apart.

CO Employees Share

Career Overseas has triumphed in creating a professional, environment that offers fulfilling career prospects and equal opportunity to everyone.

Check out what our team thinks about working with us.

CO Work Ethics

Wareware wa kanōsei ga aru tamedesu
We are, because we can

Career Overseas has imbibed an ecosystem of development and individual transformation. The attempts we make at turning Career Overseas into a champ, is the purpose behind our squad's success too. Our practices and customs are directed towards assisting our consumers.

Our Credo!

It is our highest prerogative to hire people who share our principles. We have a good standing reputation for being ethical market superiors, who offer cost effective and transparent solutions to diverse clients. With18 years of stable growth behind us, looking back at our journey so far, we realize 3 latent attributes that stand out as the pilot for our successes; INTEGRITY, GRATITUDE and HOPE!

What drives our team's success?

Individuals of great potential and self motivation are the company's backbone! We understand that no two clients are ever alike, and we also understand that the challenges which arise everyday are different. Qualifications can thus, only take you only so far…we seek something more than just degrees. We seek individuals who are:

  • Professional
  • Resourceful
  • Persistent
  • Problem Solvers
  • Pay great attention to detail
  • Have an ability to deliver under tight timelines

Your Journey With Us!

Our work approach is pretty straightforward. We do everything we can in our power to ensure every job gets done, and gets done to perfection! Because we are aware that every service of ours is critical and every client of ours is not just another case in a file.

We require 100% commitment and nothing less. No matter which vertical or team you are placed in…whether you are an UI developer, a designer, a content writer, a manager, a sales rep…..your end goal will be to ensure a smooth process for our clients (whether online or in person) and to take this company to greater heights.

Life at Career Overseas


Think about this, when you work with Career Overseas, you get to change people's lives! Whether you are trying to ensure the customer does not encounter any glitches online….or helping someone with careers or visas, every outcome of your work significantly changes the future of our clients. All this might come across as very intimidating, that's because it is a huge responsibility. Which is why, Career Overseas offers handsome rewards for good performance.

Achievement Backed Culture

It is only on the pure basis of our performance that Career Overseas has evolved into a global firm. Our high success rate is our USP and our team's achievements drive it. Across all verticals, we nurture a healthy competitive quintessence that helps us deliver without any contenders and makes our teams super professional.

Rewards and Recognition

Happy employees are successful employees! We follow a philosophy of rewarding merit where it is due. Consistent performers are well compensated with good monetary benefits, promotions and global opportunities.

The Extra Mile Wins

We motivate our personnel to go that extra mile and show initiative. After all, our clients remember our staff by name! Our client's reviews and success stories are examples of employees going the extra mile and their gratitude is the motivation that keeps our staff highly motivated.

Please Note: Career Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is firmly not a placement agency or recruitment agency and we do not provide any guarantee of employment in any manner at domestic and international level.

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